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                              of the Australian Mist Cat FanciersAssociation Inc.
                              Subscription for 2021-22 Financial year.
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                             I declare that I have a desire to belong to the Association, that I support its objectives and that I include the prescribed fee.

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                            WHAT YOU ARE SIGNING UP FOR
                            From our Constitution
                            2 OBJECTIVES
                            2.1 To promote in every way the ownership of and general improvement in the standard, breeding of, and exhibition of Australian Mist pedigree cats.
                            2.2 To extend the knowledge and awareness by the general public of Australian Mist pedigree cats by shows, exhibitions, lectures, and discussions: and through other
                             media which  the Association may from time to time select.

                            2.3 To maintain and administer a fund for the rescue of Australian Mist pedigree cats that have been abandoned or are genuinely in distress.
                            2.4 To make awards and donate prizes to owners, breeders and exhibitors of Australian Mist pedigree cats.
                            2.5 To engage in other activities from time to time which are considered by the Association to be in the best interests of the Association or contribute to the betterment
                            of the Australian Mist breed generally.

                            2.6 The property and income of the Association shall  be applied solely towards the promotion of the objectives of the Association and no part of that property or income
                            may be paid or otherwise distributed, directly or indirectly, to members except in good faith in the promotion of those objectives.

                            Please return your completed form, for consideration  by the Committee, with your cheque or Money Order; payable to AMCFA Inc to “Evergreen" 15 South Bank Road
                            BUNYIP VIC 3815. Should your application be refused, you will be notified in writing, and your application returned.
                            On acceptance, you will automatically be added to our Newsletter distribution list.
                            Application and payment may also be organised by contacting The President at

                            Some relevant information about Subscriptions from our Constitution
                            5.4 A person whose subscriptions are unpaid after the due date is deemed to be an unfinancial member.
                            5.5 Any person whose subscription shall be unpaid for 90 days from the due date shall cease to be a member of the Association.
                            5.6 Any person whose subscription is paid three months prior to the end of the financial year shall be deemed to be a member for the following financial year.

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